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About Me

Yalda Azimi-Monfared Dip Hypcs


Counseling services from Into Me You SeeI am Yalda Azimi-Monfared Dip Hypcs, I qualified as a Hypnotherapist 3 years ago by completing the Chrysalis course at Surrey University.

 What got me into hypnotherapy and counseling?

I have been brought up in England and lived in London since the age of 4. Adapting to the western culture and being expected to live by the middle-eastern culture at home caused a lot of pressure for me which made life very difficult. Looking back at some of my friends I could see that it had a very negative effect on them too, as it was hard to keep a happy medium between keeping parents and family happy and fit in socially.

How I felt and wanted to be was very different to what I was expected to be. Having no one to talk to and to understand me caused me to have a lonely difficult life.

But having this experience made me want to learn and make use of my knowledge to help others.

I also worked in the beauty and cosmetics industry for 11 years and seeing how women and men struggled on a daily basis with the pressures and the extreme measures they took to be accepted. The rejections and prejudices lead to lifetime battles of depression, eating disorders, addictions and breakdowns.