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What Our Clients Have to Say About Us.


I couldn’t believe how sick I felt when I tried my first cigarette after my hypnotherapy session. I got a pounding headache and felt physically sick, and as soon as I put the cigarette out all those symptoms went away. This was 2 years ago, I have not touched a cigarette since. 

Self-esteem and self-worth 

I feel so much self love, I have become really happy in my own skin, I take care of myself and praise myself.

I don’t feel the need to constantly criticize myself anymore. I volunteered to help other woman, I believe in myself. 


I was always shy and embarrassed of speaking to people, I didn’t want to be judged and hid behind an “I am not bothered attitude”, but the truth was I was scared of rejection and being laughed at. I never thought I was clever. But now I do all my banking myself, I have started my own business and deal with people on a daily basis. I am confident and don’t care if I get things wrong because I know I can learn from my mistakes and move on. 


After my first two sessions of hypnotherapy I could really notice how I was in control and owned my anger, it felt very easy for me to communicate my feelings and talk about my emotions. 


I was really depressed and grieving when I went to see Yalda, after the second session, I noticed how I had more energy during the day, and I could sleep better at night. I became more active, I had hope for the future and started to look after my health by going for regular walks. I can now see that life will always have its challenges but I have the tools to cope and solve those challenges. 

Pain relief

 “Yalda visited me in hospital 3 hours after my knee replacement surgery, I was in agony with pain. But after just a 40min session the pain just went away and I had a warm feeling in my leg. I slept very comfortably that night, the nurse’s were quite amazed.”